Saturday, September 3, 2011

Welcome my little Peanut

I have a wonderful friend that does photography so a few weeks after Blake was born I decided to do some family shots. This by far is my favorite picture. Since Blake was born Riley and Blake have been the best of buds. I love it!
I love this picture too. Aside from the first few weeks of his life Blake really isn't a crier. So when he does he makes the cutest face. Can't you just eat him up?
Blake Douglas Palmer you are a wonderful little boy!
Welcome to the Family our little peanut!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Arrival of baby Blake Douglas Palmer

On July 1st Nolan and I packed our bags and headed to the hospital. This time around it was a lot less stressful. We knew when Blake was coming and were prepared. Where as with Riley we had a surprised C-section. So Friday bright and Early we headed down to Banner Gateway to welcome this new lil' boy into this world.
This is me in the Pre-op room. I handled everything very well but I will tell you I started having a panic attack about at this point because it actually hit me that I was going to be cut open again! A little scary if you ask me. Thank goodness I married a wonderful man that kept calm the whole time. I love Nolan so much. He literally is strong where I am weak :)
The c-section went well and everything went according to plan. Blake was born easily he had a knot in his cord but thankfully he was a c-section. He had a full head of hair an barely cried. He was born weighing 7 pounds 8 ounces and 20 inches long. Funny story though my CRNA was a guy I went to HS with. Weird to have someone you went to HS with see your bare bum among other things. LOL He was very professional though.
This is Baby blake and Me in our hospital room. I can't believe how little he was especially compared to Mr. Riley. Nolan and I kept calling him our lil' peanut. They gave me some medicine right after the surgery and it made me very loopy so to anyone I said crazy things to I do apologize.
Daddy and Baby Blake hanging out. Nolan seemed so much less scared with Blake. With Riley we were both so afraid he might brake but I think after the first one you know they are pretty durable. :)
Welcome our little Peanut to our family. We are so glad you decided to join us!

Riley and Mrs. Carolyn

This summer we thought Riley would be old enough to do swim lessons so a family friend informed us of Mrs. Carolyn. She is an awesome swim teacher. She is so nice but tough enough to not let them kiddos cry the whole time. The first lesson was a little rough but after that Riley became a fish.
He loves to sit and wade in the water. He's become so gutsy that now he will jump off the step to anyone near by. Which is brave but also a little scary. Apparently Riley is a little braver than me. I love this dare devil!!

Summer Fun

Since we have a teeny backyard I decided it would be a good idea for me and for Riley bear to have a baby pool. If you don't know it AZ gets EXTREMELY HOT! So even the lil' pool is a wonderful blessing in the middle of the summer. Riley loved it so much that every morning he would crawl through the doggy door and start playing in it first thing in the morning. I love that Riley isn't scared of anything.

Mothers Day! 2011

This year for mothers day we were going to be at my parents house. So Riley and Nolan surprised me a few days before mothers day when I got home from work. Nolan ordered my favorite Dinner and had these made for me. If you have never been lucky enough to eat a Sprinkles cupcake you should treat yourself! They are the best. I am so thankful for my wonderful hubby and my precious boy(s). Thank you boys for a wonderful mothers day.

Monday, May 9, 2011

EaStEr 2011

Happy Easter From the Palmers. This is Nolan and Riley Bear getting ready to hunt for Easter eggs. This year we did a big Easter egg hunt with both the Martineau side and the Palmer side. It was a lot of fun with all the little kiddos running around.

Riley got the hang of picking up the Easter eggs and putting them in his basket pretty quick. He just didn't realize the eggs were full of candy :)
Riley opened up his Easter basket from the Easter bunny after church. His favorite toy was the egg shaped chalk which he asks to play with everyday.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Riley Playing fetch

Riley is growing up so fast! He's at such a fun age because he's constantly learning and mimicking us. He's learned to throw the ball from Nolan and fudge is his biggest fan. They have to both run after the ball at the same time. It makes it interesting because Fudge knows to let Riley get it.